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Banana Sundae, If Only Babies Stay Babies Forever

The habit of cooking/baking then take pictures of the end product, has definitely affected my son. The other day he was so freaking bored, he told me he wanted to make banana sundae. And he specifically told me “then we will take a picture!”, so we did that. Oh and he wanted to listen to Beatles while taking pics?! He’s been this way since he was small. I always say he is an old soul inside a 4-year-old body, except when he’s throwing hissy fit (never mind, I’ve seen adults throw hissy fit).

He cut up the banana with a plastic knife, then complained about how dull the knife is. He tried to scoop out the ice cream but somehow failed to get a nice round scoop. After the fifth tries, he asked me to help him. Melted some chocolate with a bit of heavy cream to drizzle on top of the ice cream. Continue reading


Lemon Pound Cake Story: When There’s a Will, There’s a Way. Eventhough There’s no Water

Have you ever done something, thinking that it was a great idea, but halfway through you realized it was so dumb? I’m notorious for doing exactly that. Yesterday my landlord sent all of the tenants note saying that there will be no water from 1-3pm today. Before I went to bed last night, I kept reminding myself about it. See, ever since I’ve become a mother, I often have brain farts. No kidding. Once, 2 hours after I put the rice and water in the rice cooker, I wondered why it hadn’t “ding”ed yet. I didn’t press the cook button….

Today, surprisingly both kids were behaving well. No one’s nagging Mommy for this or that. So I decided to make the long postponed lemon pound cake my husband has been asking for. And you know what? While at it, why not make some whole wheat bread too? So after I kneaded the bread dough and leave it to rise, I made the lemon pound cake. All was good. The boy even helped a little bit by trying to squeeze the lemon juice. The girl was playing quietly by herself in the bouncer. Life was beautiful. Until…..

I freaking realized, there’s no water. Smart, eh? Right now, my kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes. I was the clean-as-you-go kind of cook. So once I used the bowl/spoon/whatever, they’ll be washed immediately. My OCD-self cannot stand the thought of being unable to wash them right away. And I keep on cursing myself for not waiting until at least tomorrow to make the lemon pound cake. Continue reading