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Point Defiance Zoo & Cake That Reminds Us of The Trip

After months of sun deprivation, of course we were ecstatic to know that we would be having a sun-filled weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday. While we love the Woodland Park Zoo, we were just there few months ago, so we decided to visit Point Defiance Zoo. Yes, it’s quite a drive to Tacoma from where we live. But it’s worth the trip. What I love about this zoo is, the animals are more active and easier to spot.

The kids were well-behaved, no one complained about being tired or hungry or sleepy or bored. That classifies as a good day. We saw all the animals (except the red wolf), soaked up all the sunshine and went home happy.

He loves the sandbox, telling me how it feels like sugar. My reaction? “He better NOT put it in his mouth“.

The next day (Sunday), we made a cake that will remind us of our trip to the zoo. We practically toss things into the mixing bowl, without any recipe. But we did jot down the measuring of the ingredients, in case we want to make it again next time. Lucky for us, it did turn out well. The butter reminds us of the bright, yellow sun. Brown sugar resembles the sand in the sandbox. And the chocolate.. uh.. let’s not elaborate.


Dark Chocolate Truffle Shortbread Bars

I’ve been feeling down lately, due to the weather and delay in schooling. I try not to whine about it, but sadly, I have to wait until next year to go back to school. While I’m disappointed, our decision is the best for our family. Talking about, isn’t it spring already? Why does the fall/winter weather linger around, I do not know. Whenever the weather is icky, I feel icky too. I’m much happier during summer time.

We, human, have no control over Mother Nature. If only we could prevent natural disaster, if only we could change the weather. Sadly, we can’t. Don’t be discouraged. One thing we can control is ourselves. So to cheer us up in this gloomy weather, and trying to cope with news of natural disaster, something as simple as chocolate shortbread bars could help. I won’t say that it’ll cure our heartaches or make us forget all calamities. But it does help. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Banana Sundae, If Only Babies Stay Babies Forever

The habit of cooking/baking then take pictures of the end product, has definitely affected my son. The other day he was so freaking bored, he told me he wanted to make banana sundae. And he specifically told me “then we will take a picture!”, so we did that. Oh and he wanted to listen to Beatles while taking pics?! He’s been this way since he was small. I always say he is an old soul inside a 4-year-old body, except when he’s throwing hissy fit (never mind, I’ve seen adults throw hissy fit).

He cut up the banana with a plastic knife, then complained about how dull the knife is. He tried to scoop out the ice cream but somehow failed to get a nice round scoop. After the fifth tries, he asked me to help him. Melted some chocolate with a bit of heavy cream to drizzle on top of the ice cream. Continue reading

If It Wasn’t for Harold Crick, I’d Never Have Tried Cookies and Milk

There are lots of cookies in this world, and having overactive imagination, I sometimes like to ponder, how would A taste paired with B, hence me concocting this weird cookies. But if I die tomorrow and have to choose my last cookies, without a doubt, I’ll pick the ol’ chocolate chip cookies. Back then, when I wasn’t allowed to use the oven (ehm, actually I was too scared to go into my parents’ kitchen, lots of rats!), my favorite chocolate chip cookies was Chips Ahoy.

Believe it or not, I’d never had cookies with its loyal companion of all time, milk, until I watched Stranger than Fiction. Harold Crick, the IRS agent, fell in love with the baker he’s auditing. I don’t recall the whole detail, but there was this one scene where Ana Pascal offered him a plate of cookies and told him to dip em in milk. I used to think it was just a cutesy thing to do, that serves no real purpose whatsoever. It wasn’t bad, and actually I’m liking it. This means a lot, coming from someone who cannot drink milk as is (don’t like how it tastes, somehow it induces vomit). I think that’s why I’m so short…. The milk lends buttery taste to the cookies. The icy cold milk and warm cookies create the hot-and-cold sensation. Sometimes if you leave the cookies long enough in the milk, it absorbs the liquid, filling the airy holes in the cookies with it. And kinda like it.  I drink milk as an excuse to eat cookies.

Continue reading

Nutella Fudge, Please Don’t Make Me Pudge!

As a child, my favorite snack is Nutella filled Ritz. Both items were pretty expensive back where I was raised. I remember, I couldn’t have much, trying to make a 13oz jar of Nutella and 1 box of Ritz last for 6 months to a year. 


Last time I had Nutella was 15 years ago. Upon browsing through Lindsey’s blog, her obsession with Nutella poked my curiosity. I mean, I’ve had Nutella on Ritz crackers but never on anything else. Let alone using it to make something entirely different. I was about to make Nutella candy bars, but the boy has eaten all of the graham crackers. So at 10pm last night, I made Lora’s chocolate Nutella peanut butter fudge and it was oh so good!
The problem with this fudge is, consuming one isn’t enough. It’s pretty hard to control myself at this point. When I was cutting them into smaller squares, I found myself “accidentally” ate 2 of them. Oh well, good thing I’ve started exercising again. 😛 The boy loves it too (he loves anything chocolate-y). He even promised me without any enforcement from me,  “I’m going to brush my teeth again, Mommy”.

You can check out the recipe at Lora’s blog, Cake Duchess! I follow her recipe word by word, except that I opted out the sea salt (don’t have it) and used kosher salt instead. 

I think I need to be careful, fudge could make me pudge… More pudge than I already am.

Triple Chocolate Treat

Some days are better than the others. Sunshine in Seattle is so rare, sometimes I forget that it’s even existed. It was sunny on Wednesday and I needed to go to the library. Against my better judgment, I decided to walk there. Put the baby in the baby carrier and strap her on me, get the boy ready and off we go.

As forgetful as I am, I’ve never forgotten to bring along my backpack (in case I see interesting books at library I want to check out). But this time I forgot to. Walking there wasn’t as bad as walking back. I had to carry 3 heavy books and hold the boy’s hands. Told him to hold on to my sweater, but he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and read his book! Cute but dangerous. 

Once we got home, we were exhausted but yet, we had fun. After being unable to walk, thanks to Mr. Weather, it was a great change of scenery. Usually we only got to see stuff from behind the car’s windshield, today we got to feel the breeze on our face (without the wet sensation caused by the rain).

Other than being infamous for loving rice, my son also loves chocolate. The if-I-don’t-hide-my-chocolate-somewhere-he’ll-gnaw-on-it kinda love. He requested a “chocolatey snack” after the walk. And I was too.. tired to make anything. Added with a teaspoon of laziness, I almost declined his request. 

But I remember the Swallow Globe agar-agar powder my mom brought with her last September. She brought me the red, original and the chocolate one. So I boiled the chocolate agar-agar, pour into a souffle mold to let cool, drenched in thick chocolate milk (pretty much chocolate syrup diluted in a bit of condensed milk) and topped with toasted chocolate chips.

Triple chocolate treats on nice sunny day, our day couldn’t get any better.