Banana Sundae, If Only Babies Stay Babies Forever

The habit of cooking/baking then take pictures of the end product, has definitely affected my son. The other day he was so freaking bored, he told me he wanted to make banana sundae. And he specifically told me “then we will take a picture!”, so we did that. Oh and he wanted to listen to Beatles while taking pics?! He’s been this way since he was small. I always say he is an old soul inside a 4-year-old body, except when he’s throwing hissy fit (never mind, I’ve seen adults throw hissy fit).

He cut up the banana with a plastic knife, then complained about how dull the knife is. He tried to scoop out the ice cream but somehow failed to get a nice round scoop. After the fifth tries, he asked me to help him. Melted some chocolate with a bit of heavy cream to drizzle on top of the ice cream.

I borrowed Cakewalk by Kate Moses from the library. From my understanding, seems like the author’s mother was depending way too much on her even when she was still a little child. Having her tell her dad that the family didn’t want him anymore is beyond awkward. And overall, expecting the child to act like an adult. (Please correct me if I’m wrong) It hits me hard because sometimes, when the going gets tough, I wish the kids would just turn 18 already. There was this one line that I remember, the author’s feeling about her mother “You are completely selfish and this is your punishment for not taking care of us”. While I’m nothing like the author’s mom, but seriously, that might take the cake for being the scariest line ever if it comes out of my children’s mouth. It makes me feel guilty, for wanting my children to grow up fast (although I only wish so when shit hits the fan at the brink of frustration).

This picture reminds me to savor the moment. Savor their childhood. Before I know it, they will be 18. And I will be wishing that I could just turn back the time. Seeing their little, innocent faces I just want to freeze the time. I cannot imagine them not being my babies. Thank goodness for camera, so precious moments can be captured. As excited as I am to go back to culinary school next year, I dread leaving them with someone else.

It’s nice to have someone this cute serve you ice cream.

What’s not so nice? Cleaning up after his mess.


2 responses to “Banana Sundae, If Only Babies Stay Babies Forever

  1. Christine, I would love a handsome lad like your son to serve me ice cream and I don't mind cleaning up his mess:D

  2. @Quay Po Cooks: thank you! 🙂 PS: his mess is endless.

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