Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

Some people think we’re against Valentine’s day just because we don’t celebrate it like most people do. Nope. Actually I think it’s cute. An excuse to do something special with my son. He’s not in preschool so I have to come up with ideas to keep him occupied every day. I admit, sometimes I let it slide, and let him watch tv longer than he should. But most of the time, I will find activities we can do together. See, I can’t do arts and crafts for the life of me. I tried, but we ended up not having fun. Fortunately, he loves helping me in the kitchen.

Yesterday, after making a simple Valentine’s card, we settled to baking pink cookies. The first batch went ungraciously inside the trash. As much as I hate wasting ingredients, it was awful. Too much rose paste, it left a perfumey aftertaste. My son said it tasted like soap. The second batch were good, but didn’t taste like something special. Our goal here was to make something “special-y”. Then I remember we had a tub of homemade green tea ice cream. I crumbled some of the pink cookies on top, it tastes okay, but lack of the “special-y” taste.

So this creation, green tea ice cream sandwich, was the result of numerous trial and error. To my 4-yr-old, it was. He wanted instant success but of course sometimes life doesn’t work that way. I already knew from the get go, that this pink cookies will taste funky. He didn’t believe me. Now he does. But he still thinks it tastes good with the green tea ice cream sandwiched between the cookies.

It does taste good that way. The pink cookie is fragrant with a hint of rosey flavor. Soft but still firm to the bite. Then bite deeper, you get the creamy green tea ice cream. My initial prediction was, the fragrant rose paste and fragrant green tea wouldn’t work. After all, you put two strong flavors together, they will be overbearing (at least that’s what my common sense told me). I was wrong! The two flavors actually complimented each other so well. Like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.

Happy (belated) Valentine’s day everyone!


2 responses to “Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

  1. It's just way too cute! The cookies look so darling, the colors are lovely together (even for someone who doesn't like pink – c'est moi ;)) Can only imagine the fab flavors. I chuckled at the PP reference, haha!

  2. Now that's an interesting combination. Love the color. I want to do V day right, next year. 😉

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