Samu’s Cookies, "It’s Not Yummy, but They Look Pretty"

It’s funny how as kids get older, they sleep in more. I remember those days when my son would wake up at 6am or sometimes 5am, waking me up so I would play with him. He stopped doing that the moment he turned 3. But this morning, he woke up at 8am instead of his usual 11am routine. Guess why he woke up so early? Because I promised him that we can bake chocolate chips cookies if he wakes up early. I didn’t even remember until he reminded me this morning.

The baby was still sleeping, so he could have mommy all for himself. I helped him put the cookies into the oven and take them out when they’re done. The rest, he did it himself, following the recipe from Sesame Street activity book. Halfway through, I realized that we ran out of chocolate chips. I know, should have read the recipe carefully before making it. So, we raided my husband’s stash of candies and found a bag of M&Ms. And hey, isn’t that leftover macarons from last week? We crumbled the leftover macarons into the dough, and topped those cookies with M&Ms. Off into the oven they go.

Let me be honest with you here… we don’t like the cookies. They’re pretty, fluffy and chewy but somehow the taste is slightly off. I double checked the recipe, it didn’t call for vanilla extract at all. Perhaps that’s why it tastes kind of flat. My son doesn’t like it much either, he’d rather eat the M&Ms off the cookies. He told me “it’s not yummy, but they look pretty”. But since it’s his first effort of making cookies from start to finish (except getting them in and out the oven), gotta give the boy credit!

So proud of his cookies

4 responses to “Samu’s Cookies, "It’s Not Yummy, but They Look Pretty"

  1. The cookies are adorable and you spent some lovely time with your son. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a great morning.

  2. They are pretty cookies πŸ™‚ It's great that your son is interested in cooking at such a young age. Or maybe he's just interested in cookies!

  3. @briarrose: yep, I'm glad we got to make the cookies before the baby woke up πŸ˜€

    @Lynn: funny though, he doesn't care much about cookies, just wants to make them. Eating them, not really. Hopefully one day he can be my kitchen elf/helper hehehe

  4. What a candid post this is! I laugh reading it because this happened to me too. I just give them away and somehow I manage to find someone who fancy them. By the way, I kind of look like that when I was young, handsome. LOL!!!

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