Stuffed Bitter Melon Pyramid, No Wonder He Likes It

I can’t believe I used to hate bitter melon. The bitterness is actually so natural now, I can’t have enough of it. Funny how my son loves it, although it’s not his “favoritest” food, he doesn’t show repulsion (like I did) at all. Kids nowadays are so picky, I’m glad mine is not!

Of course, having the stuffed bitter melon arranged like a pyramid helps too. But since his food intakes are 90% homecooked, he had no choice but to eat what I make. After awhile, it’s his choice to eat homecooked food. He’d picked bitter melon over chicken fingers from nearby fastfood chain anytime. 

Not saying that I’ve never cheated once in awhile when life is too hectic. I opened one too many packages of storebought sausages, but to my defense, I chopped them up and stir fried it with green beans and carrots. And it only happened during my 2nd pregnancy…

So I guess the kid being a picky eater or not, it’s all up to the parents. Some kids are just hardheaded like mine (so whatever I say, more likely it’ll be his decision). But because I’ve been feeding him homecooked food ever since he was old enough to eat solid food, that’s the food he’s familiar with. And I don’t give him the chance to be picky. Either eat, or you’ll starve (harsh, but trust me, most kids can’t go foodless for more than 1/2 day). That way, he’ll learn to appreciate food too. Perhaps this doesn’t work with all kids, but it works with mine.

PS: What’s the opposite of picky eater? I don’t know what it’s called.


5 responses to “Stuffed Bitter Melon Pyramid, No Wonder He Likes It

  1. Bitter melon. Never had it but suddenly I want to. In a little pyramid of flower shapes. And I'm a picky eater. My grandmother taught me to eat green onions raw so I could pretend to like anything. Yeah, I gave that up at 18.

  2. It was flowered shapes by nature, didn't have to do much with it hehe.

    Some people have their own preference, but what I meant by picky eaters are those who refuse to taste new food. They don't have to like it.. at least try it. 😉

  3. this is a brilliant idea. i need to learn lots from you once marcus starts to eat solid food.

    i am the opposite of a picky eater now, i am an omnivore, when i was young…ahem ahem…susah makan to the MAX! heheheh

  4. Cute idea! I've only had bittermelon as a drink, and it was WAY too sweet, so not what I was expecting. What does it taste like?
    The opposite of a picky eater is someone who isn't discerning at all, so I doubt that's what it is. Instead, I think we can call them gourmets. 🙂
    I agree that picky eaters are picky if we let them be. I'm kind of hard and fast on that rule too.

  5. Rita: yeah, I put lots of effort into making his baby food, packing his lunches whenever we go out. But it's all worth it now. Never once he asked for junky food hehe. He has his moments when he doesn't want to eat but it's not a constant thing, so no worries.

    Mariko: really? Never heard of bittermelon drink before (live under the rock hahaha), going to look for it. Hard to explain how it tastes.. it's bitter. Kinda like gourd, but bitter. The bitterness mellows out a bit when it's cooked.

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