Get to Know It More, and You’ll Love It

Have you ordered food at a restaurant, with high expectation, but it turns out to be a flop?

We were shown a duplex unit in Ballard, and loved it. It was within our price range, on the ground floor (we have a stomper here) 2 bedrooms, bigger than our current rental and it has washer and dryer in unit. It felt too good to be true, and it was. The next day, the agent said that the owner decided against renting it and wants to sell it. That was like the flopped dish. You were expecting it to be so good, it makes you moan. Turns out it makes you moan out of disappointment.

But then, have you ever had food that looks so-so if not unappealing but it leaves you sated and happy?

Yesterday, we stumbled upon this ads for a rental in Greenlake. It’s an apartment complex with more than 5 units on premise. We felt iffy because for one, most resident managers look at us as nuisance (thank you kids) and for two, it might not be the first floor (it wasn’t mentioned in the ads). For three, more neighbors to deal with (not that we don’t like our neighbors, but our current neighbors on the left hand side are bad enough to make us worry).

When we were met by the resident manager, I was relieved. She loves kids! Of course she didn’t say that, or it might be an overkill. But we can sense it and it feels sincere. Also she said that there are other kids in the building, slightly younger than my son. And then she walked us to a ground floor unit, I was pretty much so happy at that point, I grinned from ear to ear (yeah, I haven’t mastered the art of hiding my feelings). Yes! The one available is the ground floor unit! And the neighbors? That part, I don’t know yet but it’s a corner unit so nothing much to worry. So far, it has everything we need. With 2 kids, it’s a necessity to have washer and dryer in unit.

We sent in the application and hopefully we passed and get it (I think we should.. unless they have other people who applied before us). So right now I’m just crossing my fingers! 

That Greenlake apartment is like the food you expect to flop, but turns out to be the one that makes you feel sated and giddy with excitement.

That kind of food looks like this.

Ham hock is not appealing at all, thank you Mother Nature. But it’s oh so good when cooked to perfection. The meat falling off the bones, with the chewy yet tender skin. Stewed for so long, you can taste the deep, dark soy sauce and garlic in every inch of the meat. Coupled with crunchy chopped red chilies. What is not to like?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have second.

You need to get to “know” it more, and you’ll love it. ps: Eat with your hand (whichever you prefer) for maximal pleasure.


9 responses to “Get to Know It More, and You’ll Love It

  1. Ham hock!! I dunno, that looks pretty appealing to me even without tasting/knowing it. Good luck on the apartment hunt! In-unit washer/dryer is the ultimate dream… one I have yet to achieve. ^_^

  2. Thanks Angi! Really? My husband said it looks like curled *something* I ain't going to write it on here. My gosh, you should hear what he said about hoi sam..

  3. Yeah, I think it looks tasty too, but I like meat. Your description is good too. Love the analogy.
    But what exactly IS ham hock?

    If you want to read about Baby led weaning, look up the book by the same name by Rapley. There's also a website of the same name that's a good forum for discussion about the idea. It's great. Definitely read up on it before trying it because it is a bit scary.

  4. @Mariko: I believe ham hock is pork's calf/thigh. I read some of it online, but might try to check it out at the library. It does sound a bit scary, but heck, i spoonfed my firstborn and now he's kinda nonindependent when comes to eating. Anything to avoid feeding even until the kid's old enough to do so.

  5. I have not yet tried ham hock either but your writing is cute. Good luck on search for your new apartment. I will look for ham hock next time in Asian Market.

  6. @NipponNin: thank you! I really hope we get the one we saw last Tuesday.

  7. good luck on the place! the ham hock actually looks good to me, but maybe it was your preparation/description…

  8. oh i've never tried this dish…i can see myself ripping it with my bare hands 😀

  9. I've never heard of ham hock before, but your recipe sounds great. It actually looks pretty good too!
    Good luck with the new place!

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