Triple Chocolate Treat

Some days are better than the others. Sunshine in Seattle is so rare, sometimes I forget that it’s even existed. It was sunny on Wednesday and I needed to go to the library. Against my better judgment, I decided to walk there. Put the baby in the baby carrier and strap her on me, get the boy ready and off we go.

As forgetful as I am, I’ve never forgotten to bring along my backpack (in case I see interesting books at library I want to check out). But this time I forgot to. Walking there wasn’t as bad as walking back. I had to carry 3 heavy books and hold the boy’s hands. Told him to hold on to my sweater, but he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and read his book! Cute but dangerous.ย 

Once we got home, we were exhausted but yet, we had fun. After being unable to walk, thanks to Mr. Weather, it was a great change of scenery. Usually we only got to see stuff from behind the car’s windshield, today we got to feel the breeze on our face (without the wet sensation caused by the rain).

Other than being infamous for loving rice, my son also loves chocolate. The if-I-don’t-hide-my-chocolate-somewhere-he’ll-gnaw-on-it kinda love. He requested a “chocolatey snack” after the walk. And I was too.. tired to make anything. Added with a teaspoon of laziness, I almost declined his request.ย 

But I remember the Swallow Globe agar-agar powder my mom brought with her last September. She brought me the red, original and the chocolate one. So I boiled the chocolate agar-agar, pour into a souffle mold to let cool, drenched in thick chocolate milk (pretty much chocolate syrup diluted in a bit of condensed milk) and topped with toasted chocolate chips.

Triple chocolate treats on nice sunny day, our day couldn’t get any better.


8 responses to “Triple Chocolate Treat

  1. It looks just stunning.. ๐Ÿ™‚ So unreal.. I would sell my soul for it :)))

  2. I enjoyed reading your sweet post, as much as your chocolate sweet treat.
    What a trip you had walking to the library with the baby strapped on you, and your little boy walking, clutching to your sweater…and you, balancing the books…such a “good mom” would do something like that.
    What little “troopers”…great story, and dessert!

  3. @Medeja & Elisabeth: thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sounds a little like Florida…only much colder;)This looks amazing!

  5. @Lora: if by much colder, you mean, MUCH MUCH MUCH colder, then yes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. That looks incredible and so easy.

  7. It's like a chocolate flan!
    Swing by my blog sometime @

    Cheers! Christina.

  8. what a fun day…love those days, they might be tiring but felt so fruitful!

    agar2 coklatnya kayaknya manteb ih, ntar aku cari ๐Ÿ˜€ aku pernah bikin konyaku jelly (merk nutrijell) yang coklat tapi kurang sip…kurang gula heheheh

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