No "Mushies" Pasta, Thanks to the Constant Warning

Every time I make homemade pizza, I always end up with leftover tomato sauce. So stingy as I am, it goes into the freezer for future use. I do that a lot… putting leftover in the freezer. Let me see, chicken stock, beef stock, fresh rolled pasta, cookie logs, you name it. Note to self: when we get bigger place, buy a freezer chest.

As much as we love rice, every now and then, we’re tired of rice. Except my son, who’d rather have the tomato sauce over rice. At times like this, I like to boil some pasta (or when I’m up to the labor of making fresh pasta, that I’ll do) then toss it with some of the leftover tomato sauce, sprinkle with grated parmesan, fresh parsley and call it dinner. 

While I like my pasta al dente, my husband likes it a little bit more cooked. My son? On rare occasion he agrees to pasta, al dente is the only way he’ll eat it. He calls overcooked pasta, “mushies”. I only cooked “mushies” once about a year ago, and I’m judged for life. “Mommy, no more mushies, okay?”, whenever he sees me rolling out pasta dough. Good, he can be my personal reminder. He also likes to warn me “no stinky, blue eggs”; you know, when eggs are boiled too long, they give away sulfurous smell and bluish around the yolk rim? He. hates. it.

This time, no “mushies”. Perfectly cooked, al dente whole wheat penne.


2 responses to “No "Mushies" Pasta, Thanks to the Constant Warning

  1. That's so funny! My daughter will not eat mushies either! If I cook too much and reheat, she will pick at it. I now know not too. Your whole wheat pasta looks perfect!

  2. @Cake Duchess: I know, right? Kids are so smart these days…

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