4th Birthday Party

Although he’s been with us since January 2007, this is his very first birthday party. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to, it’s merely because we could not. This year was perfect, seeing that my mom was here (we just sent her off to the airport last night *cries*). His actual birthday was on the 7th, yet we decided to do it on January 1st, since my mom’s flight was on the 2nd.
While other people planning on where to go on New Year’s eve, we prepped and cooked our ass off for the next day party. Honestly though, I had fun. I’d rather spend time in the kitchen, than trying to find parking in downtown Seattle just to look at fireworks. And boy, was I glad my mom was here to help me watch the baby while I cook! I made egg rolls, tom yum soup, papaya salad, fried noodles (symbol of age longevity in Chinese tradition) and turkey with stuffing. Didn’t get to photograph the food, because we were rushing to get the cake done.

We all had fun, especially our son. He got the spend time with my relatives and his grandma. He didn’t care much about gifts, to him, being able to share this moment with his family is the greatest gift ever. He still talks about it even until today. And he’s still waiting for my mom to come home, to walk through our front door (my eyes are teary as I’m typing this). And we saw her half-filled crosswords puzzles (yes, my mom is a crosswords-puzzles hardcore addict), he said “Mommy, Amah isn’t done with it yet”. On the brighter note, we might be going to visit my family in Jakarta, Indonesia in May. Or the latest, October.
 Chocolate mousse filling
 The artist
 Rice krispies cooked in butter and marshmallows
 Making the rim for the basket
 The birthday boy with his Kipper cake
The cake was solely my husband’s responsibility (all I did was bake the cake and made the mousse filling). See, he has great artistic skill, so  I don’t even want to try. I did help a bit by kneading the coloring into the fondant. He is the artist, I’m the cook. 😛 He did an awesome job, albeit his own disappointment. This man is a perfectionist. And he built this cake within few hours! I am sure if he had more time, the cake would come out way nicer. Our future dream is to accept order for customized cakes. Hey, there’s no charge for dreaming, yes?

6 responses to “4th Birthday Party

  1. it's always a scramble, no? and this would be a rough time of year to do a bambino party too- what with the holidays just ending. you pulled it together beautifully. happy new year.

  2. @Salty: it is, and i was glad that the birthday boy had a blast. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. What a beautiful birthday cake! Never seen anything like it, I must say! I particularly like the braid and the indentation for the name! Truly an artistic creation! You all did a terrific job! Happy New Year to all!!!!

  4. @michelangelo: thank you! My husband decorated it. He's the artist in the family 🙂

  5. Very clever with your cake composition! What a perfect party for an adorable little boy!

  6. @Confectionary Designs: thanks! 🙂

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