"Not-brownies" Brownies, a.k.a Blondies

As most people know, my son is a huge fan of chocolate. But sometimes, we want something different, but still chocolate nonetheless. So we made blondies. But for the purpose of not confusing him, I told him it’s “not-brownies” brownies. He seems to like the name.

I remember that I got the recipe for this blondies from Fearless Baking by Elinor Klivans long time ago. Love this one because it doesn’t involve any corn syrup whatsoever (not that I don’t like corn syrup, I just don’t always have it). I checked out the book from the library. I’ve been wanting to buy it, simply because the recipes are great, easy to follow and the result never disappoints me. I’ve made her black-and-white cheesecake too and it’s a hit with my family.

Back to blondies… this one is with chocolate chips folded into the batter. Or in our case, chopped dark chocolate. I like to think that blondies is brownies’ cousin. Well, they’re closely related right? It has the same texture and consistency as brownies. In this case, both blonds and browns have equal amount of fun.


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